New Year, New Logos and Updates!

author - melissa witmer editorial

Hey all!

This year will see the tenth anniversary of the day that I drove down to High Tide in Georgia to do some idea validation on my grand business idea of selling throwing clinics to college teams.

Though the spark of the idea came before, and the business cards and brand name came later, that ridiculously ill-advised road trip remains in my mind as the start of my full commitment to the idea that if I supported the ultimate community, the ultimate community would support me.

Thankfully, our business model has evolved. Our products deliver better performance results to more people, in more places, than I possible could have imagined.

Through it all, my commitment to the ultimate community remains. I am so grateful to all of you who are, or have ever been customers. Or even if you've just read one of my many emails, I thank you!

In this, our tenth year in business, we’re excited to announce a few changes, including a brand new logo.  

Why a new logo?

Well, the simple fact is we had not touched the logo for ten years. It felt a little stale and was a bit impractical to use.

In the past ten years we’ve evolved our business model and have created a range of new products, each with their own name and purpose. Things got a bit confusing.

So we have decided to simplify. We have chosen a cleaner logo for the name by which many of you already know us: the UAP. 

We feel that the name The Ultimate Athlete Project best encapsulates our complete mission as a business. 

We are here to improve the performance of players and communities around the globe. We set out to improve the sport of ultimate by helping players become better athletes. And we have continued that mission by attacking the issue of skills development, so that players are not as limited by their geographies and direct access to elite programs. And we are here for you as some of you transition into coaching and community development.

What else is changing?

Over the next few months, you will notice some name changes in some of our products and on our social media accounts. 

Our main product names will reflect our three main categories of content.

The Ultimate Athlete Project: UAP Strength and Conditioning

The Ultimate Athlete Project is now UAP Strength and Conditioning (Or UAP S&C)

This is the same UAP that we’ve always been known for. Used by thousands of athletes in over 34 countries. We maintain the same focus on practical, efficient, athletic performance programming we always have.

We are ALWAYS open to new members. Sign up here to get started!


The Ultimate Skills Project: UAP Skills and Technique

The Ultimate Skills Project is now UAP Skills and Technique

UAP Skills and Technique is where you get a program of drills and activities designed by elite athletes and coaches. These are things you can do in an hour per week by yourself or with a partner. Module additions planned for this year include a forehand form check and a module for improving your ability to read and grab floaty discs.

Sign up for UAP Skills and Technique here.

Get examples of what’s included by checking out the Skills category of the blog.

URCA: UAP Coaching and Game IQ

Our URCA Classroom, URCA Certification, and URCA Conference will now be in the category of UAP Coaching and Game IQ. Our online conference coming up in February is the UAP Coaches Conference.

To be notified when our next UAP Coaches Conference goes live, you can register here (yes, this is last year’s page. But it will put you on the right list).

Sign up for UAP Coaching and Game IQ here.

UAP Premium

UAP Premium is our special program combining all categories of our online resources along with monthly one on one coaching. 

Read more about UAP Premium here and sign up for the wait list!

Read a review of the UAP Premium here.


Like the new logo? Hate it? Let us know in the comments!