All The Tools You Need To Become A Successful Ultimate Frisbee Coach

Gain confidence in your coaching. Have a lasting impact on your ultimate community.


Build a Solid Foundation. Continue to Grow!

Build a solid foundation of ultimate coaching knowledge. And set off on a path of continual improvement and professional development.

Be inspired by experts in the field! Learn from coaches all over the world who have already done the things you are currently trying to do with your team.

We’ve got the practical strategic and tactical topics down to the minute details. Like how to think about your first 15 seconds of defense and how to teach SOTG as a skill. Frameworks for everything from how to teach cutting and horizontal stack. Feel confident in your understanding of the game and be able to use simple language to express complex ultimate strategies and tactics.

And we cover the high level concepts most YouTube channels and blogs don’t tackle. Like how to build a dynasty, how to create positive team cultures, how to recruit players and how to develop them into leaders.

With the Coaching and Game IQ Classroom, we’ve made access to the best minds in ultimate convenient and accessible.

We believe that the future of ultimate will be determined by its coaches. This is why we want you to be the best coach you can be. Join the movement, improving the sport one coach, one team, one player at a time!

Passion and Growth

"I love how passionate the speakers are to help other coaches improve how they do things. For me URCA (now called UAP Coaching and GameIQ) embodies what ultimate is really all about. People coming together to share, discuss and grow. Coming out the other side bigger and better people."
- Lauchlan Robertson, New Zealand

Simple Explanations

"I learned valuable lessons about tactics, physics, mental health and spirit, and how to present all of that to the college team I currently co-coach. Every aspect I need to know as a coach was addressed in a simple, pragmatic, laconic way. The rest of the season will most certainly be productive and exciting - and URCA (now called Coaching and Game IQ) is making a massive impact.

- Mykyta Kornieiev, co-coach, ZNU Panthers, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

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How it Works

Build a Foundation

Get started with our Coaching Certification.

In about 20 hours, you'll be trained on 12 topics covering the areas of Season Planning, Communication, Player Development, Team Strategy and Spirit of the Game. 

A great place to begin for new and early intermediate coaches.

You'll be confident that you've got a complete set of knowledge for any situation.

Inside Certification
Inside Ultuimate Frisbee Coaching and Game IQ

Continue Learning! Advance by Topic or Time of Year 

For intermediate to advanced coaches, learn what you want at your own pace!

Block out an hour a week, or even an hour a month to slowly improve your ultimate knowledge and coaching skill.

Prep for the part of the season you’re entering with knowledge that’s relevant to the timeline of your main season or campaign.

With over 100 talks from speakers around the world, you'll always be learning something new from a wide variety of perspectives.

What Will I Learn?

We've got over 100 Presentations in our Coaching and Game IQ Classroom. Here are just a few!

Become a Better Coach. Make a Bigger Impact


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