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25 Ultimate Tips! 

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Six Week SAQ and Conditioning Plan

Thousands of ultimate players have used this program and gotten great results! This program works for intermediate to advanced levels of fitness because its starting point is determined by an initial test. 

Not only will you know exactly what to do for the next six weeks to get in shape fast, but you'll also learn the science behind WHY the workouts are the way they are.

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Five Workouts for Ultimate

Workouts for speed and agility, conditioning, strength, core, and power. Plus the science behind each workout. One workout example of each type will give you a more complete view of what training for ultimate can look like for best results.

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Coaching and Game IQ Conference

Our online conference happens every February! It's where we bring in the best coaches from around the globe to share their knowledge on everything from program building to how to teach skills.

Hands down the most in depth ultimate coaching knowledge available on the internet.

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May 26, 2020

Ultimate Frisbee Social Distance Training Tips - on Facebook

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