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Get access to 300+ ultimate-specific exercises. Organized in routines, and training regimens built to boost your game.

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Hi!  Meet your new online strength and conditioning coach.

You want to get better. Faster. Stronger. Smarter. 

The Ultimate Athlete Project provides the path and program for a better game. Guaranteed.

Hi!  Meet your new online personal trainer.

You want to get better. Faster. Stronger. Smarter. 

The Ultimate Athlete Project provides the path and program for a better game. Guaranteed.

What Is Your True Potential?

What would your performance look like if you had a coach behind your back? A coach that uses proven exercise science to elevate your game...

You’ve tried putting together your own training program. You’ve pasted together programs from other sports, used old track workouts, or maybe even followed an online weightlifting program. But are you really getting the most out of your athletic potential?

What you need is a practical training program designed for athletic performance. The Ultimate Athlete Project is a long term plan, created from the ground up with ultimate in mind. Get the athleticism you want plus the confidence that comes with knowing you've prepared in the best way possible.

What Makes the Ultimate Athlete Project Different?

Functional Strength

We promise strength and power development that translates to the field. If you've done bodybuilding style training or power lifting, you'll find that our strength training is a little different! But it will allow you to move better, be more quick, and feel great at the end of a long tournament or practice.

Ultimate Specific Conditioning

Stop wasting time on track workouts. The most effective conditioning mimics the movement and metabolic demands of ultimate. We make sure you're in tournament shape far before the first time you step on the field.

Planning for athletic performance

The difference between training and just working out is having a plan. Every training session in the UAP is related to what comes before and after. We've got you covered for off season, preseason, in season training and tapering for your most important tournament of the season.

Strong community!

When you join The Ultimate Athlete Project, you'll be joining over 3500 athletes across 39 countries. Members help one another with training questions, get critiques on lifting form, and help keep you motivated for more!

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I joined the UAP in the off-season because I need structure for my workouts. I don't have troubles getting to the gym, but I do have troubles knowing what to do. The UAP gave me confidence in the gym, and helped structure my offseason, preseason, and (currently) inseason. It was immediately obvious to me at the start of the season that I was in better physical shape than I have been in past years. I'm a shameless promoter of the UAP at this point!

Kristin Franke, DC Scandal

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Your Complete Long-term Plan

In the Ultimate Athlete Project we take a long-term view of athletic development. UAP programming will be with you from the start of your training all the way to the end of the season, and more. Our longest-serving members have improved their athleticism for 6 years and counting!

Here's what your next year with us would look like:


  • The foundation of your athletic performance is built here
  • It all starts with strength and power
  • Each month your workout changes to keep your body learning
  • Choose two to six months to best suit your season's demands


  • Be in shape for tryouts or your first tournament.
  • Conditioning workouts that mimic the demands of ultimate are the most efficient & effective way to be ready!
  • Choose one to three months to fit your season's demands.


  • Balance training and competing!
  • Keep sharp and ready to perform at your best.
  • Training with an appropriate volume will keep you durable all season long.

The Taper

  • Perform best when it counts the most!
  • Taper incorrectly and you could be tired or sluggish; done right you'll feel confident and ready
  • Show the world your peak performance!

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