Go Further Together

Have a group of friends or teammates? Get special pricing on your membership in the Ultimate Athlete Project!  Nothing improves motivation like a training partner (and post-workouts selfies!)


Why Create a Group?

You want the best for your teammates. You want an athletically prepared and injury resistant team!

Organizing a UAP group ensures your teammates are getting the training they need. Even if you're separated by distance. even if you don't see each other much in the off season. You can feel confident that you are working together toward a common purpose.

Creating a UAP group is a great way to help teammates who have been on the fence about their training to finally commit. a bit of positive peer pressure and a nice discount off the regular UAP price may be all it takes to help your team get to the next level of athletic performance!

"They both bought into the UAP 110% and watching them commit, and then have the best seasons I’ve seen from them, was inspiring. That athleticism meant that they made plays instead of being sore spots in our defense. Having them buy in, as emotional leaders and such experienced players, definitely fired me up,"

Colin Kochenash
New Jersey, Jughandle Captain

How does it work?

We have a variety of options depending on your needs. Typically groups consist of 10-25 players.


Want to push further?

We're more than just a great S&C program. We work with the worlds' best coaches, to build tools that develop player's skills, & coach's abilities.  Let's talk about what your team needs and discuss your options!


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How best to contact you?

Want to know more about groups?  Drop us your info and Melissa will get in touch to hear about what you're looking to do and how we can help you most.