Winter and Off Season Training Resource List

author - melissa witmer coaching skills strength and conditioning

We're heading deep into the cold, off-season in much of North America, so here's a quick list of our top resources for the off-season and winter months!

If you don't have winter, this list also works for rainy season, or any time you're stuck with indoor training for an extended period of time.


In this Resource Guide You'll Find Things For:

  • Off Season strength Training
  • Winter/Indoor Conditioning
  • Stuff to do to work on your game if you're stuck inside (or injured!)
  • Ideas to help you prep for the New Year!

Plus! An opportunity to make a deeper commitment to improving your whole ultimate game.

Off Season/Winter Training

1. Best Off Season Training Programs for Ultimate - for a bit about popular strength training protocols like 5-3-1 etc.

2. The Five Phases of Your Training Year - learn what the "off season" is!

3. The Benefits of Off Season Training - note! this is a product review. But, hopefully also useful if you are trying to convince your teammates (or yourself!) to start off season training, regardless of what programming they choose.

4. Full Body Strength and Principles of Workout Design

5. Learn from the Best: How Top Players Stay Motivated in the Off Season

6. Simple Format for Winter Conditioning in Small Spaces

7. Educational Sequence: Plan Your Off Season


Winter Skills Work

Having trouble getting outside? Have no fear, now's a great time to watch game footage and invest some time thinking about your mental game.

1. Find Your Digital Mentor

2. Use this time for some film analysis

3. Mental Toughness: When to Leave Your Goals Behind

4. For teams, this can be a good time to work on and discuss gender equity issues BEFORE you get to the playing field.

5. Note: Everything above if free. You can find the full, month long modules for the above topics in our UAP - Skills membership for just $19/month.


New Years Planning!

1. Make a New Year's resolution to emulate these: Habits of Highly Effective Players

For Coaches:

1. Perhaps you want to think about How to Measure Success in a Team Training Program

2. Or take some time to reflect on Your Coaching Philosophy as you head into the New Year.

3. Thinking ahead to tryout plans? Settle in for a deep dive with Alex Davis.

4. Keep an eye out - the annual UAP Coaching Conference is coming up in February. We'll have more details coming your way in a few weeks!


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