Ultimate Frisbee Drills and  Games

Whether your a player looking to improve you game or a coach or PE teacher looking for lesson ideas, this page is for you. Here you'll find a variety of ultimate frisbee drills and ultimate frisbee games to make your practice more fun and more effective too!

Ultimate Frisbee Drills

Here you'll find drills and explanations from some of the best players and coaches in ultimate frisbee right now.

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Defensive Footwork and Positioning Drill

From Carolyn Matthews, a variety of footwork and Defensive Positioning Drills for Ultimate.

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Breaking the Mark Drill

In this drill designed by Isaac Saul, you'll use discs to extend the mark and make breaking the mark more difficult.

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Cutting Drill for Ultimate Frisbee

Keith Raynor describes various types of cuts in ultimate frisbee and explains the cutting tree drill.

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Marking Drills

Robyn Fennig explains how to build a better mark. These marking drills work for beginners and advanced ultimate frisbee players.

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Drills for Horizontal Stack

Alex Snyder shows several drills to help players use the whole width of the field while using a horizontal stack formation .

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Ultimate Frisbee Catching Drill

Learn the six different types of catches and when to use them.

Ultimate Frisbee Drills for Beginners

Repetitions of throwing and catching are the main thing that beginner players need in order to be able to enjoy the game of ultimate frisbee.

We recommend ensuring that as many throwing repetitions as possible occur in a game-like environment as soon as your players can complete a basic backhand pass at 10 feet or more.

Here are 6 Games/Drills we recommend for beginning ultimate frisbee players and teams

One Way 2 v 2 - Free Start

Simple, but highly effective. This game ensures a high number of throwing and catching repetitions for each player.

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Set up a small field or about 20 yards wide by about 30 yards deep. You can have players play until they complete a pass past the 30 yard line or set up a small endzone 5-10 yards deep if you like.

One offensive players starts on the sideline, the other with the disc, is about 2.5-3 meters away on the starting line.

The player with the disc throws to the player on the sideline and then runs upline for the next pass. Defensive players can run with the offense but the first two throws are "free" and not allowed to be blocked. From there, the defense plays regular defense.

Beginning this way allows players to have a a free cut and free completions to get the disc moving. It also allows them to practice a common type of cut, the up-the-line cut.

Players attempt to complete passes and get to the line or endzone 30 meters away. 

You can decrease the length of the field to 20 meters for very new players and increase the length of the field and players become more successful in this game.

If there is a turnover the repetition is over. This allows for easy setup of this drill regardless of how many players you have. They cna simply make one line for offense, one line for defense and the front two people in each line step onto the field for the next rep when there has been a turnover of the previous repetition

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Coaching This Game

After letting players try out the game for a little while, bring them into a huddle. I like to ask them what types of cuts are working for them.

I might also point out what I see - what types of cuts are creating turnovers? What types of cuts are working?

I give 1-2 suggestions of cuts to try for themselves and do the game again for a few minutes more.

I might have a second huddle to check-in and see if they were able to implement what we talked about in the first huddle.


The Space Game

The purpose of this game is to help players develop field awareness. To be successful, players need to know where their teammates are and where the disc is. 


Set up a square or about 20X20 or 30X30 depending on how many players you have.

The Rules

One player has a disc and cannot be "out." They can run with the disc.

Everyone else maintains a space of about 10 feet between themselves and everyone else.

When the whistle blows, everyone freezes. The coach or judge decides if any players are "out" by being too close to the players around them. Hav e the player with the disc pass it or give it to someone else for the next rep.

Continue until players stop getting out. You can put everyone back in the box and go again.

Coaching This Game

This is a good game to play after players have tried playing a 5v5 or 7v7 game in a previous practice. In that environment, you will likely see players clumped too close together and not making space to cut into.

I like to coach this game and then do the 2v2 game afterwards.

I set up the game and tell players the rules.

Huddling up after the game I ask players what they need to do to be successful. They will usually answer correctly - look where other players are, know where the disc is. I will point out to players that since they were all pretty easily successful in the game, they know how to do this already. They know how to maintain space. And then I tell them that this spacing they already know how to maintain is the kind of spacing I'd like to see on the field.

This game is something I might do once in order to teach a concept and give players the feeling of what good spacing looks like. It's not a drill that I would use repeatedly throughout the season unless I see players starting to struggle with clumping on the field.

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