New Coaches' podcast! Hear more from top coaches before the conference

coaching conference

We’re just weeks away from the 2019 UAP Coaching Conference, the latest of our annual coaching conferences, which runs for 8 days starting February 25th. And as part of the build up, our very own Jack Dowling has started his own URCA Podcast.

Jack’s aim in starting the podcast is to add to the great UAP Coaching & Game IQ content that’s helping coaches learn from the brightest minds in the sport and become the best they can be, and he’s loving it so far!

With a focus on teaching tactics and fundamentals, and featuring some of the amazing coaches we have lined up for the 2019 Conference, including PoNY coach Bryan Jones, this is the perfect chance to learn more about the strategies that these coaches use to develop their teams and achieve success.

In episode 1, Jack talks to Cate Roscoe about her experience playing and coaching youth ultimate and look ahead to her URCA talk on teaching the forehand.

For episode 2 he’s joined by Bryan Jones. Bryan offers insights into how, over the course of a season, he molds a defense capable of adapting to opposing offenses’ gameplans.

In episode 3, Benji Haywood discusses the nuances of indoor ultimate, and how its gameplay differs from outdoors.

As well as learning a few new things, the podcast is a great way to get excited for the 2019 Conference! You can find the podcast here (or the RSS here) and register for the next Conference for free here!.