Our Favorite Survey Responses

author - melissa witmer
Thank you all for your feedback on our most recent brand survey--the response was amazing! We will use your answers make sure that we're serving you as best we can and continuing to grow the ultimate community. 
Check out the reaction video from Melissa as she reads some of the best answers we received from the community. You're guaranteed to crack up. 
We asked: "What does the Ulty Results logo make you think of? You answered:

The UR Team's Top 10 Favorite Answers
  1. "u r smelly, no u r!"
  2. Raisins 
  3. Unreal lawn mowing 
  4. Not frisbee, but not not frisbee...
  5. Honestly, how my soul might get saved through the guiding light of Jesus
  6. Has no relation to the product
  7. The Obama campaign logo
  8. The Teletubby sun
  9. It would be best if they could make it more cooler
  10. Outdated pre-2010 design palette
Be sure to keep an eye on the blog as we progress through a bit of a brand update and refresh!