Improve Your Conditioning on the Ultimate Field with this Workout

author - melissa witmer strength and conditioning

Earlier this month, Melissa described the two principles you need to understand for conditioning workouts in ultimate Frisbee: movement and metabolic demands. One key point is that it’s critical to match the speed and intensity of your conditioning workouts to the speed and intensity of ultimate (i.e. long-distance running isn’t going to cut it!).

This week, Melissa has put together a sample workout that follows these principles and focuses on the demands of cutting. The workout rotates between skater hops, shuffles, and short shuttles, focusing on high-intensity intervals in order for you to work at full speed and maintain good form.

Check out the video below for the full workout!

Watch on YouTube:


  • Match movement and metabolic demands of workout to ultimate
  • Workout emphasizes muscles used for changing direction
  • The Workout
    • Skater Hops
    • Shuffles
    • Short Shuttles
    • Go full speed for each rep
  • Skater Hop
    • Keep distance constant
    • Works glute medius – important for shuffling and changing direction
  • Shuffles
    • Two cones about 8-10 yards apart
    • Stay light on toes and keep spine neutral
  • Short Shuttles
    • Place cones at 5, 10, 15 yards
    • Maintain good running and turning form throughout
  • Add 1-2 repetitions each week until you reach 9 reps
    • To progress, drop rest to 60 seconds and reps back to 4-5
    • Good to do this workout 2-3 times a week

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