Ultimate Frisbee Equipment and Gear

The basics you need to get started, and quick gear reviews for optional equipment. 

All The Basic Equipment You Need to Play Ultimate Frisbee

You don't need much equipment for a game of ultimate with friends. Grab a disc and some cones, and let's go!

A Disc / Frisbee

There are various discs that are approved for use in ultimate frisbee. The main thing is that the disc should be 175 grams. White is the standard color used for games on grass. For beach ultimate, neon yellow or neon pink are the standard colors.

The Ultrastar from Discraft

Discraft is the official disc of USA Ultimate. It is by far the most common disc youll see in ultimate frisbee. Whether you're at a casual game of pickup, a league game, or a competitive tournament, a white discraft is the disc that will be used.

Discraft discs for ultimate frisbee aren't always sold in regular sporting goods stores. You can order one online. Most teams and clubs will have custom Discraft discs with their own team designs and logos. So you will often be able to purchase one from a club or tournament near you.



Eurodisc is an alternative ultimate frisbee disc that is widely available in Europe.

Even for the experienced ultimate player, a Eurodisc will be barely noticeably different vs a Discraft disc.



Innova is more famous for its discgolf discs. But it does have an ultimate frisbee disc called the Pulsar

Many ultimate players think the plastic of the Pulsar feels a little harder and the rim feels just a touch deeper than a Discraft Ultrastar. So these discs are almost never used though they are an acceptable disc.


Wham-O ® Frisbee ®

The sport of ultimate frisbee is technically called just "ultimate" because "Frisbee" is the trademarked name of a toy. And Wham-O brand Frisbees are actually rarely, if ever, used among experienced ultimate players. However, they do have a 175g model. The advantage of this disc is that you can usually find it in local stores unlike the other discs on this list. So, if you are just doing a casual game with friends, using this disc is perfectly fine.



You will need 8 cones to set up a proper ultimate frisbee field.

Cones are usually small and orange.

Solid Cones

Cones like this are easy to use. The disadvantage of solid cones is that they can cause injury if a player lands on them because they are hard and inflexible.

Low Profile Cones

This style of cones are the least likely to blow away in the wind. It is easy to carry lots of this style of cone because they don't take up much space.

With more cones, you can also choose to use more cones to better define the sideline if you want to.

The disadvantage of these cones are that they can be hard to see from a distance in higher grass.

Collapsible Sport Cones

This style of cone is more safe than the solid style cone because they are softer and basically fold up if someone lands on them. The only disadvantage of this style of cone is that they are most likely to be picked up and blown out of position on a breezy day.

These are the most likely type of cones you'll see at an ultimate frisbee tournament.

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