Strength & Conditioning

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Get ready for:

  • Strength training that actually enhances on-field performance
  • Power development to help you get faster and more explosive

I’ve never jumped this high or lifted this much... doing sometimes so little in comparison! I feel like I know my body so much better and can read it to help peak at the right time - and the word ‘recovery’ has taken on new light!

  • The type of endurance you need to keep going strong late in the day Sunday
  • Appropriate volume and progressions for reduced injury risk
  • Taper and peak when it matters most!

I went in knowing little to nothing about lifting and workouts that could help specifically with Ultimate. Two years later, I'm writing our team workouts. UAP provides videos for form AND explanations as to *why* you're doing what you're doing really help to understand how to become a better Ultimate athlete. My recovery time went up, injuries down and I had a noticeable difference in speed and agility my first season after starting UAP

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