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Each year since 2014 we've run conferences where ultimate frisbee coaches around the world come together to share ideas, learn from each other, and push our game to the next level.

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    Cathy Chu, Oakville, Canada - Trail Mix

    “I look forward to the conference every year. I have learned practical tips I can start working on now and strategies to watch for in games and tournaments. Bringing ultimate players and coaches from around the world to share their experience and knowledge is so valuable. Thank you very much for this conference!”

    Jesse Lee, Lawrence, KS, USA - Horrorzontals

    “This was a great experience, I'm a new assistant coach and there's so much to learn, and [UAP Coaching and Game IQ] helps build a solid foundation for coaches and players alike.”

    Mykyta Kornieiev, Zaporizhzhya, UKR - ZNU Panthers & High Hopes

    “The conference was a beacon in the night for a rookie coach such as myself. I learned valuable lessons about tactics, physics, mental health and spirit, and how to present all of that to the college team I currently co-coach. Every aspect I need to know as a coach was addressed in a simple, pragmatic way. UAP Coaching & Game IQ is making a massive impact.”

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    If you want to seriously upgrade your coaching ability, we’ve created our UAP Coaching and Game IQ Classroom for people like you. For the best tips and instruction on becoming a better coach, there’s no better resource than UAP Coaching and Game IQ.

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