My Favorite Move: The Push Press

author - bert abbott author - ren caldwell strength and conditioning training blog


The Push Press is one of our favorite movements to use in training ultimate players! When done correctly, it helps athletes develop core stability and full-body coordination in an overhead position. That competency is key for maintaining good position in the air when going up for a disc and protecting yourself while laying out! But the execution is important - it’s easy to create stress in the wrong areas or experience energy leaks with bad form! Here’s some key cues for this exercise:

  • Dip the knees forward to push instead of sitting the hips back
  • Keep your ribs pulled in when the bar is overhead (don’t overarch your back)
  • Bent wrists are fine at the bottom, but extend them at the top!

The Push Press is My Favorite Move this week from our virtual offerings - here’s our in-depth explanation and demo of the exercise! UAP members get $15 off their first month (details here) of RenFitness Virtual, so sign up if you want more awesome content like this!

The Push Press is used in Off Season Phase 2 and in Off Season Phase 4 of the UAP. In these two phases we have a focus on power development. The push press fits well into these plans as it teaches transfer of momentum through the hips into the upper body. The Ultimate Athlete Project is still open to new members and you can sign up here if you'd like to join us!