My Favorite Move - Squat to Press

author - ren caldwell strength and conditioning training blog

Squat to Press is My Favorite Move this week!! It’s an awesome movement for ultimate because it helps your body figure out how to transmit energy from the ground up through a stable trunk and overhead! It develops hip-driven jumping power, and works to ensure that you feel stable in the air even when the defense is going hard. Here’s a few cues to remember:

  • Drive up through your heels! This is a squat, which means that your knees are traveling forward toward your toes at the same time as your hips are traveling backwards. Don’t lose your heel connection, though!
  • Keep your lower ribs pulled in! It’s easy in overhead movements to flare your ribcage open and arch your upper back, which puts stress on your spine and breaks the line of power from the ground. Pretend your hip bones and lower ribs are joined by tiny suspenders, and keep ‘em tight!
  • Breathe out as the weight travels overhead! In general, you want to exhale during the part of the movement that requires the most effort - in this case, it also helps with the explosivity of the movement.

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