My Favorite Move: Side Plank Cable Row

author - ren caldwell strength and conditioning training blog

The Side Plank Cable Row is an awesome exercise on so many levels! It trains anti-rotation by providing a force that one has to constantly resist (the forward pull of the cable). This teaches the core to stabilize dynamically while the upper body is moving - incredibly important for the development of throwing power and arm action while running or changing directions!

This exercise can also be done using a band if a cable machine isn’t available, and there are other modifications you can try using a partner.

Your focus during this exercise should be on:

  • Making sure your body is in alignment - forearm under shoulder, and shoulders in line with hips and ankles.

  • Engaging your core and your glutes to provide stability

  • Not letting that cable pull you around!! :)

The Side Plank Cable Row is a My Favorite Move from our virtual offerings - here’s our in-depth explanation and demo of the exercise! 

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