My Favorite Move - Side Lunge Pallof Press

author - ren caldwell strength and conditioning

My Favorite Move this month is the Side Lunge Pallof Press! This exercise is excellent for evening out core strength and stability for increased cutting power and lower risk of injury. Ultimate players' bodies (by and large) function asymmetrically due to heavy throwing/lunging repetitions on one side - most players end up having a "favorite leg" to cut off of due to the imbalance. If you want to be able to use both sides of your body equally, you need to do exercises like this to even yourself out!

Cues to remember:

* Relax your shoulders! Extra tension and engagement in your shoulders can "steal" the work from your core and end up placing more strain on already taxed musculature.

* Keep your trunk vertical! It's easy to lean outward to help stabilize the movement, or to let the tension on the band/cable pull you inward - both will put strain on your back and keep the core from engaging properly!

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