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My Favorite Move: One-Arm Carry


The One-Arm Carry is an awesome exercise to improve your ultimate performance! It improves your reactive core strength, which increases your ability to change directions quickly, decreases knee/low back stress and corrects core imbalances that can lead to underperformance and injury. A few cues to think about:

  • Keep your shoulders square and level - no twisting or allowing the weight to pull your shoulder down
  • Walk slowly - it’s tempting to rush through a set, but going slower ensures that you have core stability throughout the movement and not just when both feet are on the ground!
  • Make sure you find the right weight - if you feel a strain on the side of your lower back, the weight is too heavy. Better to go lighter and use the right musculature!

The One-Arm Carry is a My Favorite Move from our virtual offerings - here’s our in-depth explanation and demo of the exercise! Also, our new Nutrition for Female Athletes is up in RenFitness Virtual along with a bunch of other awesome content - UAP members get $15 off their first month! :)