5 popular talks to nudge your Coach Brain

coaching Apr 24, 2020

Got time this weekend?  Wanting to nudge your coaching brain, not sure where to start?  We've selected 5 of our most popular talks from the past 12 months, and included times so you can choose one that fits into your day!

Grab a coffee, a notepad, and prepare for that feeling of levelling up that comes with hearing great speakers!

Got an easy hour?

Dumps, Swings & Breaks, with Alex Snyder (45min talk + 30min Q&A).  This is part of our series on Team Offence.
A Team approach to Defence, with Carla DiFillippo & Kaitlyn Lovatt (44min talk + 20min Q&A). This is part of our series on Team Defence.

Only got 30mins?

Watch either of these talks and save the Q&A for another time!

Defensive Positioning for Shutdown D, with Alex Davis (30min talk + 25min Q&A).  Part of our series on Cutting & Guarding.

A different angle on Resets, with John McNaughton (30min talk + 25min Q&A).  Part of our series on Marking, Breaking & Resets.

Only got 20mins?!

That's okay, we got you!  Choose one from the Fundamentals of Zone O & D series of talks from Ben Wiggins:

Seen them all? Challenge us!

Leave a comment below with a topic, can be just anything you like, even just a single word, and we'll pick out something new for you :)

Extra: New Layout

Some of you asked for a way to find talks by speaker, so we've now added a by speaker name index.


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