How to Manage Your Training In Season

Ultimate frisbee season is here!  Reduce your injury risk while getting fitter, stronger, and more athletic without over training!

Whether your coming into the season under prepared and panicked, or just trying to make a smart transition from your off season training, we've got you covered.


What You'll Learn

Avoid common mistakes. Get tips on scheduling around practices and tournaments.

How do I get In Shape Fast?

Starting your season feeling under prepared? While we advocate for taking the long view, there are some things you can do to catch up on your fitness without going overboard and getting injured.

Should I do Strength Training?

Learn two ways to structure your strength training. Whether you want to maintain what you earned in the off season, or get started in strength training that will help this season, we can help.

How do I Schedule Around Tournaments?

Get specific examples of how to structure an in season plan to keep you healthy all season and help you peak when it matters most. Taking a day off before and after each tournament cuts down on training time. We'll show you what to do instead.

Fitter, faster, stronger!

Reduce your risk of injury, while getting fitter, faster, stronger without over training.


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Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong!

Learn everything you need to know about in season training for ultimate! Train smart and avoid the common mistakes of training in season.