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Who are We?

Ulty Results and a global network of elite coaches..

We're the creators of The Ultimate Athlete Project (the UAP) and of the Ulty Results Coaching Academy (URCA). Through these projects we've helped thousands of ultimate players around the world to take their training more seriously and tap into more of their athletic potential.

We've been successful because we provide practical solutions for players and coaches with a relentless focus on performance. With this new project, we want to enable you to take control of your own skills development.

Whether you live in Kansas or the Czech Republic; whether you're from Singapore or Seattle; we want to give you access to best ultimate minds in the world. 

More than just knowledge, you'll be going through a program of ultimate exercises, education, and drills that will help you focus and improve your fundamental skills from month to month. Plus you'll be doing it with an online community of other athletes to help challenge and motivate you!

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