Plan Your Ultimate Off Season

Ultimate frisbee requires speed, agility, and stamina. How do you train for it all and peak at the right time? Sign up to learn about our training philosophy and get tips and tricks you can use to make your off season count.


What You'll Learn

Everything you need to make the most of your off season training as you prepare for the coming ultimate frisbee year.

What is the Off Season?

Learn how athletes use the off season to get greater athletic adaptation and prepare for the upcoming season. You'll understand why the off season is important and how to structure your training even if you play frisbee all year long.

What Types of Exercises?

Understand the strength training protocols that translate to on-field performance. You'll learn why and how to change up your training protocols for maximum strength and power adaptation. And we'll give you some new exercises to add to your programming.

Scheduling Examples

Get specific examples of how to structure an off season plan to help you peak at tryouts in April, regionals in September, or anything in between. Scheduling is often overlooked by ultimate players. But if you want the to unleash your athletic potential, you need a long term plan. We'll show you what that looks like.

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Preparation Starts Now!

Learn everything you need to know about off season training for ultimate! Get exercise and scheduling suggestions. Learn the science behind the programming.