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Show Up This Season Fully Prepared with Mental Training for Ultimate Frisbee

We're in the process of developing a NEW mental strength training program for ultimate players.

  • Do you ever wonder if you're prioritizing the right things in your skill development?
  • Do you ever lose confidence after making one stupid decision on the field?
  • Do you want to be more assertive in your throwing and your movement?
  • Do you want to generate more defensive plays?

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Over the past year, I coached more than 20 ultimate players in mental training techniques that help them not only achieve better results on the field, but also feel a lot more joy and control in the trajectory of their ultimate careers.

Now that I've worked out the best methods of teaching these mental training tools and helping athletes integrate them into their daily lives, I'm considering putting together a course to make this training more accessible to those who can't work with me one on one (plus my calendar is almost full!)

Sign up to learn more as this project develops. AND have an opportunity to shape the content and format of the course. Assuming there's enough interest, I'm hoping to open the course to the first students in late December or Early January.

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