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Our 10th edition

Over 100 of the World's top coaches have previously given talks on all aspects of the game.

In 2022 we looked at

  • ✓ Strategy: how to build a team that can adjust in-game
  • ✓ Strategy: how to make in-game changes
  • ✓ How to build motivated players
  • ✓ Myth-busting how to run faster
  • ✓ How to use music to improve learning 
  • ✓ How to learn adaptability as a coach
  • ✓ How to Game'ify practices (en español)
  • ✓ SOTG: driving newcomers out of the sport?
  • ✓ Rules: Teaching them, and playing with Game Advisors
  • ✓ How to help your players throw better 
  •  How to organize and coach remote teams

Dunte has had multiple athletes with standout performances at Nationals, has been speed & strength coach for the German Women's National team, supported professional and elite amateur teams, and helped dozens of athletes upgrade their play. Through all that, his proudest accomplishment is that his very first athlete still trusts him as her coach, is still getting better, and is still excited about doing the work.

Dunte Hector: Is good form the key to Speed and Strength?

Most running form drills don't make you any faster. Maybe you're doing them wrong...or maybe running form just doesn't matter.

Fiona Joan Pang: How to help your players Throw Better

Ultimate is a special game because it’s the only one that involves a disc. Come and learn how one can dominate the game when you gain control of the flight path.

My Ultimate fav experience has always been Manila Spirits. Being one of the frequents on the mixed roster, I’ve met many amazing players from all over the world. I’ve also been on a trip to play in the US. Together with my awesome Asia Ladies, we won spirit at US Opens! I happen to also be the shortest registered player in Tournament!

Katiana was raised in the Colorado Ultimate communities, playing with Quandary & Molly Brown. She earned a scholarship with Upwind Ultimate, wrote multiple articles and created a college student ambassador program centered around equity in the game. She played in Disc Diversity’s Con10ent Tour (pronounced “continent”), being one of the more than 90 players who came to represent black excellence in American frisbee. For each game, she took over the Ultiworld IG story and produced a trilogy of podcasts covering each stop, with Seattle set to air this month.

Katiana Hutchinson:  SOTG: A Gatekeepers Key to Policing in Ultimate Frisbee

This panel will invite players from different countries to challenge the status quo of this demographically disproportionate sport by exploring intersectional commentary around SOTG. Many more people can and surely should be recruited to this growing sport, as it can be a place a social refuge and a constructive outlet. But when breaking down the rules of frisbee and inherent biases of it’s self-officiated players, it can be argued that the basic fundamentals of ultimate create a space where newcomers (often from oppressed backgrounds) are often immediately seen as the aggressor. In a sport that rests on the diplomatic pluck of participants, what do those chanting “land back” on behalf of themselves get out of SOTG?

Cathy Chu, Oakville, Canada - Trail Mix

“I look forward to the conference every year. I have learned practical tips I can start working on now and strategies to watch for in games and tournaments. Bringing ultimate players and coaches from around the world to share their experience and knowledge is so valuable. Thank you very much for this conference!”

Join the largest online gathering of ultimate frisbee coaches

Free to attend. Sign up to reserve your spot!

I have been primarily responsible for the WFDF Rules of Ultimate since 2009. I have been to every WUCC, WUGC and World Games since 2006 as a player, coach, or Game Advisor. I created SOTG Captains and the WFDF Rules Accreditation process.

Rueben Berg: Teaching the Rules and playing with Game Advisors

Learn about some of the best ways to teach the Rules of Ultimate. Understand the role of Game Advisors and how to play with them.

Tarek Saleh: Motivating your players

You would relate to some of the challenges we have at our team regarding motivation. You can find some creative ways we tried in motivating players.

I only started playing Ultimate 4 years ago, but in a small community things can change quickly: 2 years ago I took on coaching Zayed Nar ultimate (Cairo), and I am also the current president of the Egyptian Ultimate Players association, as well as the co-founder of Flying Disc Invasion, the biggest social platform for organizing ultimate events and tournaments in the MENA region. When not playing ultimate I can be found talking about it or planning more of it.

Ser un entrenador de un equipo master en un mundial con mi edad . jugar con la selección colombia en el 2014 en lecco italia y representar a mi estado en juegos de mar y playa en Colombia

Daniel Alberto Moreno Rojas: pequeños juegos para mejorar la inteligencia de juego or (gamification of practice)

Quizas podrias implementar este tipo de juegos con tus propias reglas y enfocados a tus objetivos dependiendo el equipo que manejes o en el que te encuentres. porque es otra manera de mirar el ultimate desde el formativo hasta el competitivo .

Jesse Lee, Lawrence, KS, USA - Horrorzontals

“This was a great experience, I'm a new assistant coach and there's so much to learn, and [UAP Coaching and Game IQ] helps build a solid foundation for coaches and players alike.”

Join the largest online gathering of ultimate frisbee coaches

Free to attend. Sign up to reserve your spot!

I played/coached teams with University College Cork 2007-13 and helped start a local school’s program. I was a co-founder of the Irish club Rebel Ultimate where I played/coached/captained various teams 2009-20, and I’ve been on and sometimes coached various Ireland teams since 2008. I discovered recently that I’ve travelled to 53 overseas tournaments in the past 10 years alone!

Donal Murray: How to make strategic or tactical adjustments in-game

After this talk you should have a deeper understanding of how to approach strategic and tactical adjustments during a game as a coach/captain of your team. Various examples of strategic adjustments will also be discussed.

Melissa Witmer: Are You a Wizard or a Guide? How to be a responsive, adaptable coach

Having coached more types of players in more places than almost anyone in the world, Melissa is an expert in coaching adaptability. In this presentation Melissa will share a few stories that will help you learn how to develop greater awareness, presence, and adaptability in your coaching.

Melissa is the founder of Ulty Results and the creator of the Ultimate Athlete Project. Her specially as a coach is to drop into an ultimate team or community, assess what needs to be done, and leave a lasting impact. When not in the middle of a global pandemic, Melissa is on a mission to play or coach ultimate in every WFDF member country.

Adwitiya Dawn: People’s Ultimate League: Paving the way for Indian LGBTQIA+ communities in the sporting arena


Mykyta Kornieiev, Zaporizhzhya, UKR - ZNU Panthers & High Hopes

“The conference was a beacon in the night for a rookie coach such as myself. I learned valuable lessons about tactics, physics, mental health and spirit, and how to present all of that to the college team I currently co-coach. Every aspect I need to know as a coach was addressed in a simple, pragmatic, laconic way. UAP Coaching & Game IQ is making a massive impact.”

Join the largest online gathering of ultimate frisbee coaches

Free to attend. Sign up to reserve your spot!

Current head coach for the University of Georgia's Men's Ultimate team (Jojah) who made their first National Championship final in the 2021 season this past December. Ultiworld's 2021 D-I Men's Coach of the Year. I live in Athens, GA with my husband and 2 dogs!

Liz Leon: Strategic Adjustments: How to Prep for and Implement them for Your Team

 The aim of this discussion is to provide coaches with a frame of mind to think through and prepare for in-game adjustments.

Vanessa Rincones: How to Organize and Coach Remote Teams

 Using technology it is possible to be able to share and contribute knowledge that helps the development and growth of our sport and keep the flame alive in countries that do not have the possibility of having resources as easy as others. Understand that believing is creating and when you work from the heart and help it is possible to achieve it. After knowing how the process has been with the teams in Venezuela, I am sure that you will never say it is not possible again and you will have the desire to collaborate with remote projects.

I played Tennis professionally for 10 years, which helped me transition into becoming an Ultimate Frisbee Player. I was one of the captains for Egypt's National Team - WUGC 2020. I also studied Psychology and Integrated Marketing Communication and have a passion for Community Development in all of its various forms.

Salma Serag El Din: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence and Communication to Maintain Mental Toughness

The talk will help you understand and appreciate the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how it complements the needs of an Ultimate Frisbee team. You will gain insight about communication methods that can be applied to a growing team. The discussions will be based on real-life experiences, challenges and goals.

Ken Porter: Music to my ears: relating to your players

I hope that this session empowers coaches to better and more efficiently relate to their players through a variety of different ways. In this session, I talk about my favorite way to do that - music

I've coached the Men's Davidson DUFF team since 2014, was selected as the assistant coach of the 2022 Beach USNTX, and am proud of my playing career: 5 years with NC State, 8 years with Ring of Fire, 3 years playing AUDL, and 2 years playing mixed with Charlotte Storm.


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