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February: Monday 22nd -- Friday 26th

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Shanye L Crawford: What I learned from ultimate & How I'm using it to change the world

You will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the agency that comes along with ultimate community membership. You will also be inspired to wield that power with more frequency and in more diverse circumstances. 

I launched my own equity consulting firm in August of 2020! I am also the recipient of USAU's 2020 Spirit and Equity award. Despite participating in over 100 zoom meetings since my company launch, I am utterly unacquainted with zoom fatigue:)

I'm the founder of Ultimate Palestine, the Palestinian association for Ultimate. I competed in several Ultimate championships in the USA & the Middle East, and ran coaching clinics, the last of which was in the Gaza Strip in 2020. Currently, I'm a PhD student at the University of Notre Dame, and have just finished the official Arabic translation of the WFDF Ultimate rules.

Daniel Bannoura: A Palestinian perspective on the intersectionality of SOTG and the struggle for justice

In this presentation I will share some reflections on the socio-political challenges I faced in starting "Ultimate Palestine", especially as I navigated between "keeping politics out of sports" and creating a culture of justice and truth-telling for my players and community at large.

Alyssa Weatherford: How to start and continue to grow your youth club

I'll talk about building relationships in order to equitably build a youth club program and how to build coach development into a goal of youth club.

I am most proud of founding Seven Hills as progression of youth club and the relationships we have built to contribute to the success of our club. I am proud of the program WWU has turned into, from when I started as a freshman in 2005 to the national caliber program that I have coached since 2011.

Jimmy Roney & Lara Mussell-Savage: The Ultimate Spirit program

We will share and discuss the potential to create a social impact on communities through the sport of ultimate. Our ultimate community has an opportunity to collaborate in creating positive change.

Jimmy: The two accomplishments I’m most proud of are recognizing that I want to become a change maker and taking action towards it. (Fun fact: I played my first game of ultimate in 1988). Lara:

Lara: I’ve played Ultimate since ‘92, am a multi-time National Champion, and have won Gold with Team Canada multiple times. I’m a member of the Skwah First Nation, and have been recently elected as Chief. I’m the Director of Sport for the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation Council in BC, am a featured athlete, and a member of Ultimate Canada’s newly formed Equity, Diversion, & Inclusion Committee.

Manisha 'slap' Daryani: Continuation Cutting

We will discuss how to teach cutters to think about flow and drill ideas to implement at practice.

I played in the USAU Club division for 17 years, and have been coaching for nearly a decade. I have coached at every level - youth, college, club and semi-pro. Recently, I have added an organizational hat by getting involved with the WUL Board of Directors and helped found a new youth org in the Bay Area - BUYA.

I'm the Chief Data Officer of Ultimate Canada, a multi-medal-winning coach and athlete of the Canadian national team programme, a 12-year veteran of Vancouver's Furious George, and a leader with 12 years of sport governance experience at local, provincial and national levels. In my spare time, I'm a data science manager and engineer in aerospace and aviation.

Alex Davis: People, Pivot and Purpose

2020 overturned the business and traditions of the ultimate community, provoking both financial and existential crisis. In this talk, we will discuss principles of strategic resilience: how to recover and adapt when your core purposes have been challenged. We will show how to read and learn from the strategic landscape, how to recognize your most valuable equity - people - and how to rebuild around the opportunities that exist.

Mish Phillips: Why womxn find it hard to get coaching appointments, and what to do about it.

Does something seem wrong to you about the balance of female coaches we see in our sport? Have you ever heard the phrase "We have a merit-based selection process" used in response to a query as to why there aren't more womxn coaches?

Gender equity in coaching is a topic I care about deeply, and I believe in the ultimate community's ability to address issues of diversity. As an individual, having the right words when you find yourself in a challenging conversation can make all the difference. As a board member or policy driver, understanding the systemic biases that cause these issues allows you to develop more equitable appointment processes. Significant change is possible, and often inside a single appointment cycle.

Although I'm based in Australia, I've played with club teams from Japan, the US, and Colombia in a search for greater tactical and cultural understanding. As a coach, my greatest joy is in raising the profiles and skills of female coaches in Australia.

My 2 proudest accomplishments in ultimate are finishing 4th at WMUCC and Finishing 2019 National Masters with 24 Goals and 18 Assists.

Jason M Estrada: Handling for Cutters

My talk will give you a better understanding of cutter's cut timing related to typical handler reset timings. You'll be able to participate in a cutter-to-cutter reset and a cutter-to-handler reset. Also you will be able to make quicker disc-movement decisions to keep the disc upfield attacking the goal.

Melissa Witmer: How to use Visualization as a Training Tool when you can't get on the field

Parts of your brain don't know the difference between imagination and reality. Learn how to use visualization as a training tool when you can't get on the frisbee field, and how to use it to speed up your learning process when we're able to get back to playing again.

I'm the founder of Ulty Results and creator of the Ultimate Athlete Project. I'm on a mission to improve the sport of ultimate by providing athletes and coaches with all the tools they need to perform at their full potential. I travels the world with the goal of playing or coaching ultimate in every WFDF member country.

I started playing volleyball at a very young age and received athletic scholarship playing volleyball in High School all the way through University. After my volleyball career, At the age of 27 , I picked up Ultimate Frisbee and won MVP on my first international tournament [Boracay Open] after just playing less than 5 months. As a coach, I started coaching volleyball at the age of 19 and I have successfully won multiple tournaments both as a volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee coach.

Jason 'JLo' Lopez: Designing a Tournament Practice Program

You will be able to extract new information on how to create a detailed training program for your team. I will also discuss other factors or key essential elements in building a competitive team.

Yukari Kobari: How to have your opponent in the palm of your hand 

You can learn how Japanese players overcome their disadvantage. Usually Japanese are shorter than other countries’ players but it’s not a big deal for us because we know how to deal with that difficulty.

I did layout defense at the right moment at the semifinal of U-19 World Championships in 2008! I also played as a representative of Japanese Women’s team in 2012 where I learned a lot about Japanese high level frisbee.

I only started playing Ultimate 4 years ago, but in a small community things can change quickly: 2 years ago I took on coaching Zayed Nar ultimate (Cairo), and I am also the current president of the Egyptian Ultimate Players association, as well as the co-founder of Flying Disc Invasion, the biggest social platform for organizing ultimate events and tournaments in the MENA region. When not playing ultimate I can be found talking about it or planning more of it.

Tarek Saleh: Transitioning towards a more competitive ultimate

I will share some of the struggles we had in our ultimate community in Egypt and how we are currently dealing with them to take everything a little bit more towards a competitive and systematic sport including coaching, team management, events management, association roles, expansion, etc. I will also share some ideas on how starting a new team can be an advantage in developed ultimate communities.

Oliver Browne: Tips for Virtual trainings

In 2020 I found myself coaching a Women's Club for the first time. We had trials, picked a team, and then the pandemic arrived.  We spent the next 5 months training virtually.  I'm going to share a few tips, that I hope will help you to run successful and fulfilling Virtual Trainings.

I've coached sports since 1996 and Ultimate since 2007, from local school kids through to masters National teams. I train Game Advisors, and I'm a co-owner here at theUAP alongside Melissa.

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